Stichting Integration Dance Theater -
Stichting Integration Dance theater, has the goal and possibility to make multicultural theater with Indian dance and music.
SIDT collaborates  with various disciplines and gives workshops, dancecourses and lecture demonstrations. They are given by Founder and Artistic director
Sri Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan
Sri Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan
A respected Bharatanatyam  
performer, choreographer, teacher and nattuvangam(cymbals) artist from the Netherlands. His dance and choreography skills marked him out as unique, and maintaining respect for tradition. 
In 1989 he started his Bharatanatyam dance course with guru Smt. Margaret Verkijk (Holland). She was student from one of the first bharatanatyam dance teachers in Holland guru Smt. Rajamani Knols . Afther 3 years of very good training in the basics of bharatanatyam,  Satishkoemar asked to participate in a dance drama 'Krishna leela' choreographed by guru Smt. Shakuntala Devi (Founder of Kalasurabhi in Holland) . She trained bharatanatyam under guidence of guru Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale founder of Kalakshetra (Chennai-India) .  She continued giving classes to him and learned him how to teach in bharatanatyam . Afther 5 years of very good and diciplined dance training and teaching skills in bharatanatyam he continued his course under guidance of the great and lovely guru Smt. Geeta Ramlal- Joeglal (Holland) , who has trained at the Kalakshetra Institute (Chennai- India). from who he got the blessings to do in 2000 his Arangetram (dance debuut) in the Ayappa Temple (Delhi-India).  
To develops his artistic skills in the art of Bharatanatyam  he follows masterclasses by guru Smt. Malati Srinivasan and guru Sri Jitinder in Chennai-India. Click for detailed Bio 

In 2004 Mr. Peter Biemans (director), Mrs. Lea van Rossum(secretary) and
Sri Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan (financial and artisticdirector), established this dance foundation in the Netherlands. They created a new framework for Indian Classical dance and social-cultural range ofmusic, dance and theater.
"SIDT" makes Indian classical music and dance arts exciting, enjoyment  and colourful to the modern world.
'we are art who is not entertaining the stage , but showing the art in there beautiful form. It will open your heart and give you the joyful moment true pure form. That's who we are'.
                                                                  Sri Satishkoemar
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