Stichting Integration Dance Theater - Dance company / dancers
Stichting Integration Dance Theater -
SIDT is very proud to have and introduce you the dance company. A Dance company with dancers who are highly educated in bharatanatyam by theire Guru Sri.Satishkoemar.
Kirti Manna
Started her Bharatanatyam study under guidance of Guru Smt. Geeta Joeglal (Holland). From 2008 she continued her dance study with Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. And she had her dance debuut (Arangetram) in November 2011.

Nitika Chouhan
Already for 15 years she has lived her passion, the classical dance style bharatanatyam. first she started her dance classes with Guru Smt. Geeta Ramlal. And since 2008 with Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance she is now training for her arangetram (dance debuut). Nitika is Also developed her dancing skills in Indian contemporary and cinema Indian dance.
Rawien Balesar
Under guidance of Guru Smt. Avinasha Gangarampanday (Holland) he started his course in bharatanatyam. Now  he carries on his bharatanatyam course by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance he is now training for his arangetram (dance debut).
Warsha Gopal
Started her dance course with Guru Smt. Henriette van Staal (Holland). Then 2 years of training from Guru Smt. Shakuntala Devi (Holland). And afther a year a graduated student (Chrada Sheoratan) of Guru Smt. Shakuntala Devi gave the dance classes. Now Warsha is continued as Student of Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance she did her arangetram (dance debuut) in 2 May 2015

Kirti Bahadoersing
Kirti started her dancing career with cinema Indian dance at dance school Ghoenghroe ki Pukar. After that she studied Bharatnatyam dance for 7 years under the guidens of Guru Jolanda Boejharat. To enhance her danse skills she also did short courses belly dance, modern dance and yoga. Now she continues her Bharatnatyam training and contemporary Indian dance by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. 

Mrs Tharsana Kumarathasan (Natyakalajothi Bhrathakalavithar)
A talented and committed Bharatanatyam dancer from Germany. She has been learning Bharatanatyam for over 20 years. She exhibits good command over on technique as well as mature abhinaya. She is also well versed with the theory of dance. She thus successfully combines practical knowledge with theoretical one, resulting in very compelling performances on stage. Coming from cultural background, her parents introduced her to Bharatanatyam at the age of 7 under guru Kirupanithi Ratneswaran. She then continued to learn theories of Bharatanatyam and did her arangetram under guru Atputharani Kirubaraj. In recent years, she has been trained by guru Amala Antony Sureshkumar on advance margams, theories of Bharatanatyam and obtained qualification to teaching Bharatanatyam. 

Omar Polman Tuin
Started dancing / training sinds 2013 in Satish dance Company
Is learning classical and contemporary Indian dance. And sinds January 2016 training in Nattuvangam (cymbals) by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. 



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